Figure Eight Track with Bridge

Brio wooden railway Figure Eight Track with Bridge

Now we’re moving up in the world! The figure eight track with a bridge is usually the first track a young engineer will create with multiple levels. Brio has several different style bridges that you can use for this track: as long as it is 14″ long with an underpass in the center, you can swap your bridge out for the parts listed below to customize your layout.

Pieces Needed:

  • 12 x E (large curve)
  • 1 x A (medium straight)
  • 1 x D (long straight)
  • 1 x Viaduct Bridge #33351 (three pieces)
The Brio Viaduct Bridge at the center of the Figure Eight Track

The Brio trains are a perfect fit under the Viaduct Bridge. Some other brands may be too tall to fit.

Basic Figure Eight

This basic rounded figure eight is easy to set up and fun to run trains through. The open centers of each loop are ideal for adding train stations, trees, or buildings.

Pieces Needed:

  • 14 x E (large curve)
  • 1 x H3 (curved crossing)

Large Oval Track

Brio wooden railway Large Oval Track

The large oval is easy to set up with basic wooden track pieces, but is a little more interesting than a standard large circle. The inner area is the perfect spot to set up a little town, a loading crane and cargo, or some farm animals.

Pieces needed:

  • 8 x E (large curve)
  • 2 x D (long straight)

Small Oval Track

This small oval track adds a little variety to the basic small circle while still taking up very little room. Switch out the standard straight track sections for more exciting accessory tracks of the same length to spice it up a little!

Pieces Needed:

  • 8 x E1 (short curve)
  • 2 x A (medium straight)

Mickey Mouse Track

This Brio track layout is perfect for lovers of all things Disney! Three large circles intersect to form a familiar shape. The large open spaces in the middle are perfect for Brio accessories – add a few trees and farm animals, or several train stations.

Pieces Needed:

  • 20 x E (large curve)
  • 2 x H3 (curved crossing)

Brio Wooden Track Codes – Straights

Brio uses a numbering system to designate its standard track sizes. Straight tracks come in four basic lengths – mini, short, medium, and long.

The four basic lengths of Brio straight wooden train tracks.

The straight tracks are designed to work with the modular nature of the Brio wooden railway system, so each track is an exact fraction of other tracks. Two mini tracks equal the length of one short track. Two short tracks equal the length of one long track. Three medium tracks equal the length of two long tracks.

Brio straight wooden train tracks: two long = three medium = four short = eight mini.

Standard straight tracks have one male (peg connector) end and one female (hole connector) end. Mini, short, and medium straights are also available as male-male (two pegs) and female-female (two holes) track pieces. These pieces make it easy to connect mismatched ends of tracks when doing complicated layouts.

Brio wooden train tracks, mini size in standard, male-male, and female-female.
Brio wooden train tracks, medium size in standard, male-male, and female-female.
  • A2: Mini Straight
  • B2: Mini Straight Male-Male
  • C2: Mini Straight Female-Female
  • A1: Short Straight
  • B1: Short Straight Male-Male
  • C1: Short Straight Female-Female
  • A: Medium Straight
  • B: Medium Straight Male-Male
  • C: Medium Straight Female-Female
  • D: Long Straight

Large Circle Track

Brio wooden railway Large Circle Track

This is a basic staple of Brio train tracks – the large circle. Perfect as a first track for beginning engineers. Eight large curves combine for round and round fun.

Pieces Needed:

  • 8 x E (large curve)

Small Circle Track

This is the smallest continuous track it is possible to make with Brio tracks! Eight small curved tracks combine to make a tiny circle of fun. Pack this track and a single engine in a bag to take on trips to the restaurant with kids – they will stay entertained while taking up minimal space.

Pieces Needed:

  • 8 x E1 (short curve)